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The humble beginnings of the Mount Pearl Corps can be traced to an outpost Sunday of Mundy Pond
Corps held in the home of Mr and Mrs Chesley Snow on Park Avenue in 1948.
Later when the twin villages of Mount Pearl and Glendale boasted a combined population of about 500
people, the Senior Corps opened fire in the “Snow’s Cottage.”
Lieutenant Clarence Thompson, the Officer from Mundy Pond, travelled by pedal bike to Mount Pearl,
to conduct the Sunday meetings. Sometimes he was accompanied by the CSM, William Snow. This
continued until 1950 when Lieutenant Enos Darby and Lieutenant Harold Cull were appointed to the
Mundy Pond Corps.
In 1952, a construction started on a 24 x 36 wooden frame building under the administration of
Brigadier Clarence Wiseman and Major William Ross on land located on Commonwealth Avenue that
was donated by Mr Roland Morris. The first service for this building was in 1952, still an outpost of
Mundy Pond.
The church, which was built in 1952, just 816 square feet, was now unable to accommodate the needs
of the fast growing Corps, especially the need for youth facilities. The Corps had about 80 families. In
July 1977, a building committee was appointed by the Corps Council. The committee consisted of
Seymour Dyke, Lester Kean, Edward Hillier and Ray Martin. After plans were approved, land behind
the church was purchased, tenders called, and the contract awarded to Randell Homes Ltd. The contract
was for $102,295.00. Work began on Phase I of the new building in the fall of 1977 and was
completed in the spring of 1978.
The facilities were bursting with Corps activities and the need for additional room was a top priority.
Phase II was quickly needed. However, the size of the building required, the current building lot, and
the possibility of Commonwealth Avenue widening to 4 lanes, led to the cancellation of Phase II at this
In view of this, a new building committee was formed. The biggest hurdle was finding land large
enough to build such a facility. Land was eventually found, but was not quite large enough.
Additional land was purchased in 1982 on Ashford Drive from the Catholic Church.
On Saturday afternoon, October 12, 1985, the Key and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place followed
by an official opening service conducted by Lieut. Colonel Wilfred Hammond in the building we now

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