Corps Schedule

Corps Schedule

Sunday             10:00 am                     Junior Action and Crosszones

                           10:15 am                     Prayer Meeting

                           10:30 am                     CCM at Waterford (3rd Sunday of Month)

                           11:00 am                     Worship (Holiness) Meeting

                           11:30 am                     Sunday School

                           3:00 pm                      CCM (Ruby Manor) (3rd Sunday of Month)

                           6:00 pm                      Evening Service or Family Service

Monday           12-2 pm                      Family Services/Food Bank

                          6:30-8 pm                  YP Band Practices

                          7:30 pm                      JOY (2nd Monday of month)

                          8:00 pm                     Corps Council (Quarterly)

Tuesday           10:30-2:30 pm          Family Services/Food Bank

                           7:30 pm                     Home League

Wednesday      2:00 pm                     Ladies Bible Study

                           7:00 pm                    Senior Band Practice

Thursday         9:00 am                     Pioneers – Preschoolers

                          6:30-7:30 pm            Pioneers – School Age

                           7:30 pm                     Corps Bible Study (Bi-weekly)

                           8:00 pm                     Men’s Fellowship (1 Per Month)

Friday             10:30-2:30 pm           Family Services/Food Bank

                         6:30-7:30 pm            Junior Youth Group (1 Per Month)

                         7:30 pm                      Senior Youth Group (Bi-Weekly)

Saturday         10:30 am                    Junior Worship Team



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